If you see a shield you like, simply enter its name in the field to the right and we'll set it aside for you.


These following shields have already been distributed and are currently unavailable.  We are happy to customize a shield based on one of these designs but please note that it will not be identical, as each shield is an original creation.  


Safety: The wellbeing of children is paramount. If you choose to use a 'shield',  please ensure that the shield rests securely on the bottom of the IV pole and that you are comfortable with its stability before using. The shield is designed to be sat upon. Do not stand, kneel or lean on the shield.  Each shield is designed for a single person to sit upon. Make sure your child sits at its centre with legs wrapped around the pole with both hands holding the pole. No child should be left unsupervised.  Of course, if you, your doctors, nurses or any healthcare staff are at all concerned about the safety of your child  please refrain from using the shield. 


Who we are, what is our mission statement?

  • Students who turn IV poles into race cars. We create, design and deliver wooden platforms that sit at the base of IV poles.  Our mission: To give our littlest heroes the greatest freedom to move and explore. Every Shield  slides onto the base of IV poles. Simply sit, slide, and roll!

Making a Difference Since 2017 

Inspired by the lily pad project, students at Westmount CI: cut, sand, prime, design, and paint the shields for our little heroes. These hand crafted and custom designed shields fit to slide under Iv poles turning them into race cars.  These are gifted to the child at no cost. 

Sponsor a Shield

If you wish to support our goal of turning every IV pole into a race-car, we are accepting donations.  You may choose to sponsor a shield for $50 or contribute as much as you can in order to put a smile on a child's face.  We take both cash & cheques (payable to Westmount CI) delivered to:

Main office

1000 New Westminster Dr

Thornhill, L4J 8G3



Donations over $20 receive a tax receipt, so be sure to include your name and mailing address. Money raised above the cost of production will be used to offset the cost of parking at Sick Kids Hospital for the parents of our fighters.  



Every shield requires wood, paint, varnish and a bag of creativity. If you are able to donate materials, we require:

  • Solid wood boards of 24" x 24" x 3/4" Thickness -preferably MDF (Medium-density fibreboard).

  • Artist Acrylic Paints Low VOC Latex paints
    (Benjamin Moore or Para Paints: red, yellow, blue, white, black, turquoise, purple, ochre, brown umber).

  • Water-based Latex Primer



If you wish to offer your time, wisdom or creativity, please contact us at

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